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Trevor Hall - The Fruitful Darkness

On the title track Hall sings:

The dark within my dark Is where I found my light The fruit became the doorway And now it’s open wide The fruitful darkness Is all around us

Interestingly this gem filled album was not named until about half way through its recording when Hall stumbled upon a book written over 20 years ago by Zen Buddhist teacher Roshi Joan Halifax. The name of that book became the name of this album, "The Fruitful Darkness".

Halifax’s reflections on the Buddhist path and the shamanic journey immediately spoke to Hall’s own difficult walk through darkness — the fruits of which he knows well. The Fruitful Darkness, published over 20 years ago, is a deep study of shamanism, Buddhism, tribal wisdom, and the connections between.

While writing an album reflecting on the wisdom he’d gained navigating a period of hardship, Halifax’s message was the very guidance Hall needed.

“The book really helped me finish the album,” Hall said in an interview.

This album is filled with the affirmations, axioms, aphorisms, mantras, and devotional poetry that have always been at the foundation of Trevor’s craft as a songwriter.

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