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Get Out and Play in the Winter Wonderland

Hiking, snowshoeing, ice skating, building a snowman, snowball fights- winter is the perfect season for getting outside. Winter weather challenges us to move in so many different and unique ways.

If you have convinced yourself that you are not a winter person or that getting outside in cold weather isn't as good for you as other seasons, it's time to change your point of view!!

As long as you prepare properly, there is no need to worry about some of the dangers the cold can pose. If you’re exercising or staying active, it’s very difficult for your body temperature to drop dangerously low, said Dain LaRoche, an associate professor at the University of New Hampshire who has researched winter sports performance. Just be sure to bundle up and watch out for ice.

Here are 5 great reasons to get bundled up and get outside!

1. Cold Weather Can Boost Your Metabolism

2. Winter Sunlight Can Help Fight Winter Blues & Help Your Body Produce Vitamin D

3. A Walk Outside Can Boost Creativity and Concentration

4. Going Outdoors Can Improve Your Mood

5. The Outdoors Can Alter Your Exercise Routine

Here are some wintertime outdoor activities:



Cross Country Skiing

Downhill Skiing

Ice Skating

Ice Hockey


Snow Tubbing

Building a snowman

Snowball Fights

Shovel Snow for someone in need!


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