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A family that dances together....

I love to dance. I love to watch other people dance. I am lucky because these two things are built into my job.

For me dancing is physical and emotional. It is an intimate individual experience and an opportunity to connect with community.

I often encounter families and friends that have come to Kripalu to do programs and retreats together that then come to KripaluDance® together. It is a precious sight to witness someone who would normally never willingly participate in a dance experience by themselves walk onto the dance floor because their mom or son or bff encouraged them. Watching the evolution of that person shift from a place that is tentative and maybe a bit self-conscious to a place that is open, playful, and creative is truly a miracle.

Okay, let's get back to the "I love to watch people dance". Some of the best people watching is on dance shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing with the Stars". I also like scouring the internet to watch folks dance as well as for movement inspiration, and not just good moves but "good vibes" as well. My current obsession is with an amazing, talented, good vibe-ing, choreographer Phil Wright. His YouTube channel is filled with inspiring dancers, of all ages, throwin' down their best moves to his magical and hard hitting choreography.

I first found Phil through a video on Facebook. I was enchanted by the fact that there were families dancing together, young & old, parents & grandparents, kids, even tiny-tiny ones strapped to mom or dads chest. It is a such a big offering for him that he created and hashtaged #TheParentJam™. I was inspired by what I saw, families coming together to dance. And I could see it was not always about dance, I could see that many times it was about supporting someone else in what they loved, or just wanting to make a connection with a loved one.

BTW, I also love the enthusiasm of Phil himself, you can often times see him coaching and encouraging people from the sideline, his energy is infectious!

What is it like to risk, to step out of your comfort zone to try something new?

What is it like to participate in something because you want to support someone you love?


Watch my favorite #TheParentJam video HERE

Watch one of the most inspirational videos HERE. **Make sure you watch the father/daughter at minute 1:15, and the granddaughter/grandfather at minute 3:00. Both of these are the

embodiment of support, risk, and celebration.


Dance is a celebration of community. I hope we get to swing, sway, shimmy, and boogie together on the dance floor someday very soon!!

Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash


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