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Self-Care Sanctuary

Slow, Simple, Soulful

Live in Person and Live Online


Does life normally feel like it is too chaotic and complicated, often full of endless to-do’s that have little meaning? It is easy to forget that we have the power to make choices that can create a life that feeds the soul. Join Michelle and Liza as they share simple, everyday practices that will support well-being of mind, body, and soul. Take time to slow down, reflect on what really matters to you, and nourish your soul in this retreat dedicated to self-care, simplicity, and mindfulness.

 In this program you will:

  • Find ease and connection through meditation, yoga nidra, and group discussion.

  • Move and open the body through gentle and restorative yoga.

  • Learn self-care practices and tips for living slowly, simply, and soulfully.

  • Increase self-awareness through visualization, reflection and journaling.

  • Create a personal self-care plan and meaningful rituals to take home with you. 

Finish the program feeling refreshed, energized, and empowered to create a new normal for yourself!

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