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300hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Module | Teaching Pranayama and Advanced Asana: Essential Practices for Yoga Teachers

Aug 27-30 | Sept 10-13 | Sept 24-27


Join Michelle and Janna Delgado for this online 


The practice of breathwork awakens the life force and opens the door to profound meditation. Deepen your knowledge of pranayama, gain mastery in teaching asana, and explore the philosophy that gave birth to these techniques in a training designed to revitalize your physical and energetic bodies.

This module includes

  • Ayurvedic, yogic, and contemporary perspectives on prana and the physiology of subtle energy

  • Guided experiences that reveal how pranayama can be used to soothe and steady the mind

  • Practical anatomy and alignment principles for advanced asana

  • Contraindications and teaching tools to work safely with students

  • Opportunities to develop your skills and build confidence through one-on-one sessions and evaluated practice-teaches

  • A unique Kripalu teaching methodology that integrates modifications, variations, and hands-on assists.

200hr Lahari Yoga Teacher Training | SOLD OUT

Yoga Alliance Certified Online Training

Don't put off becoming a yoga teacher any longer. Come study with, learn from and be guided by a team of talented senior Yoga and Ayurveda teachers.


  • Steven Leonard - Lead Trainer

  • Coby Kozlowski - Guest Trainer

  • Michelle Dalbec - Anatomy Expert + Guest Trainer

  • Erin Casperson - Ayurveda Expert + Guest Trainer

  • Josephine Edmondson - Trauma Informed Expert + Guest Trainer

  • Larissa Hall Carlson - Pranayama Expert + Guest Trainer

  • Danny Arguetty - Philosophy Expert + Guest Trainer

  • Emily Posselius - Yoga Class Leader + Mentor

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

More information coming soon...

This one-on-one program is designed to help any yoga teacher, new or experienced, grow & develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of yoga and the business of yoga through personal study under the guidance of experienced mentors who are masters in their field.

I look forward to helping you craft a practice, career and passion thats inspires, serves and sustains.

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